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Health Care Practitioner Data Portal

License Status Download

The Department of Health is required to make available for inspection and copying any public record regardless of physical format, which is not otherwise exempted from public access by general law. The department fulfills this requirement by providing copies of electronic records to the public.

This file is updated nightly. Please note: Although data is scheduled to be refreshed on a nightly basis, system maintenance may periodically delay this process.

This file provides consumers with access to a small subset of licensure data that can be used for verification purposes.

If you need the ability to download this data in a more user friendly manner, then please visit the Licensure Data Download page at However, please keep in mind that the data on the Licensure Data Download page is only updated once a week.

The data elements provided in this file include:
  • Profession Code
  • Profession Rank Code
  • Licensure Number
  • Licensure Status
  • Licensure Activity Status
  • Original Licensure Date
  • Expiration Date
  • Status Effective Date
  • First name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Administrative Complaints Found
  • Emergency Suspension/Restriction Orders Found
  • Final Orders Found

Due to the large size of this file, the format is a pipe delimited text file. We recommend that you have your Information Technology staff upload this file into your software or database for easier viewing.

The Department does not offer technical support. The purpose of the download site is to provide data that can be used by other systems or databases. The Department assumes that users have the necessary knowledge for downloading a file into other software.

Technical Tips

Select from the File Download dialogue box which requires both .zip and .dat associations within the recipient computer.

Select from the File Download dialogue box which requires the recipient to first decompress the .zip file and thereafter open the .dat file with a text editor.

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